Friday, April 15, 2011

I am going to get better at this!

I haven't blogged in a while.  I am assuming blogging, like any other habit, takes time to perfect.  I guess I go back and forth between wanting to write just about my Lap band surgery but also wanting to make this about my regular life stuff too!

But today is going to be about frustration and working too hard and finally being able to have the opportunity to sit back and RELAX.  John got his new job and starts on the 25th.  It was a long long haul to where we are now, and it has been very scary.  We are on the verge of losing our house and the mortgage company is not being cooperative.  I understand now how people are losing their homes because it gets so overwhelming dealing with all of the red tape and people just get scared.  I am thankful I was able to have two jobs when he was underemployed so now I am SO looking forward to the month of May.  I have signed on for maybe 6 days at the second job and I have a full 3 weekends off!! I couldn't be happier.  Of course my OCD personality is already figuring out projects that I am going to do, things that haven't been done in a long long time.  Bring it on!!

Now to my weight loss journey.  I have lost anywhere between 21 and 26 pounds depending on when I step on the scale.  I've lost it all since 3/23.  I'm excited, not hungry and just cruising along so far.  I hope the hunger never comes back, but I am also realistic enough to know that it will.  In either case I am going to be ready for any eventuality, because *I* am so worth it!

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  1. You are worth it! Congrats on the weight loss...

    If you run out of projects, I know you like to clean -- I have an attic I need to clean out and organize for a tag sale. :-) Of course, I think you'll find lots to do.