Friday, April 8, 2011

So far so good

It's been a while since I posted here.  Hyperfocused I suppose.  Or maybe I am just lazy!  In either case.  I have a lump.  It's as a result of the surgery and is not uncommon but why me??  It's called a seroma and it's been drained once already.  My surgeon says not to worry about it.  Hmmm, it's not HIS lump!!  So I may go back next week and get it drained again unless my body chooses to absorb it on its own.  Dare to dream. 

On the other side of this equation is the fact that this is working so far.   The scale shows a decent loss.  The numbers aren't important.  I just like to see that the scale is finally going down.  I had convinced myself I could never lose weight again.  What a scary thought.  But nothing else was working and the scale was not moving, so a clear reason is because I just couldn't do it!  I am glad to see that is not the case, because I don't like being told I cannot do something, you know?

This is such a journey, more mental then it is physical.  I imagine only those that understand weight issues will really undersand that statement.  I am working on the mental, the physical will come after I am sure of it.


  1. Happy for you and looking forward to following you on your journey. Know I'm always here if you have questions!

    As for the lump -- I got something similar over my port incision and it stayed until about 2 months post-op then went away on it's own.

    Keep your thoughts positive!

  2. I think most people don't realize how hard mentally hard it is to lose the weight. You go through the willpower issue, but I think sabotaging self is the worst part of the weight loss journey.

    I'm famous for succeeding a bit and then overwhelmed by fear of succeeding and I sabotage self.

    Sorry about the seroma. Hope it goes away on own, but if you need it drained again, let's hope it's the last time.